NEWS 2021

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At long last we can bring you some news as we've started up more work at the box as the Covid restrictions start to ease.

Unfortunately the daffodils are past their best, but other flowers are doing well:

During last year's lockdown we found a fox family trying to take up residence, so this year we have taken precautions by putting a substantial wood barrier in front of the box to stop them digging under it:





One of the outstanding tasks in preparation towards reopening is to clean the many windows.
But to do so, we start each year by a careful check of all the screws and brackets holding the
access gallery in place and holding the handrail to the gallery. Usually, other than screws that
are a little loose, there are no problems, but this year we found a handrail stanchion screw
that was very loose - it seems that damp has got in around the screw and rotted the wood.
Until this is sorted the gallery is out of use, so the windows remain uncleaned on the outside! 

Another Handrail Problem

Down the East side of the garden, nearest to the railway, there is a continuous handrail installed following the construction of the access ramp in 2007. In the picture of the daffodils above, part of this handrail is visible; it can be seen that it is a little 'wonky'. This is due to the rotting of the wooden posts. Also attached to the posts is a wood duct containing various power cables providing power to signal lamps and path lighting which has been damaged by the collapse of some of the posts. Arrangements have been made to have the handrail and supports professionally replaced.

To allow this to be done, we spent one Wednesday afternoon removing the duct and placing the wiring to one side:
Some parts of the duct have been salvaged for reuse. We've also had to disconect Lever 32 from the signal it works at the other end of the garden. We've used our 'Appliance Reminders', also known as 'Lever Collars', on lever 32 to remind people not to try pulling it - see the right-hand photo above!

Colour Light signals featured a lot last year when we rewired the 4-aspect demonstration arrangement. Attention has turned to other similar signals around the site, and we will be cleaning and repainting them. The first to be done:

What's in a Name?


Further donations from member Rodney
Marshall, taken from his collection of street
furniture, salvaged from council scrapheaps
in past decades. 
Many thanks!


Welcome to the New Year! We are, of course, currently constrained by the present Covid lockdown as to what we can do, so news of current and new projects may be delayed a bit, as we have had to switch back to a 'security and maintenance' state with only a few volunteers able to attend the box.