NEWS 2014

The Brollies arrive

A must have for sweltering summers, those rainy autumns and windy springtime days. Stylish and colourful, our new brolly is destined to be the stand-out product of the coming season

A wanderer returns

Towards the end of the regular Wednesday working party afternoon at the end of February, a carefully wrapped package was noticed up against our garden shed. To our amazement and delight, it turned out to be the 1970 track diagram that was in the box until it closed in December 1979. A note inside explained it was an anonymous donation to the Trust. The Trustees are most grateful to the donor and acknowledge the gift with our thanks. (Click on picture for a larger image.)

A shelter from the storm

To replace the lightweight shelter used in previous years to protect our welcomers and tea providers on open days, we have erected a 'barn' type structure. In particular it will be much more resistant to winds! It has been made demountable, if need be, by a simple bolted construction and the use of post sockets. (Click on picture for a larger image.)

The Railway Children in St. Albans

The Signalbox co-operated with the Company of Ten Theatre Group, with their excellent production of E. Nesbit's 'The Railway Children' at the Abbey Theatre, St. Albans, over the 2013 Christmas period. A number of artefacts were loaned for display and use in the production, and a Signalbox exhibition was sited in the foyer. Publicity shots for the production were taken at the Signalbox and the Director gathered ideas like Midland colours for the production, for which she was very grateful. The production was virtually a sell-out, and it is hoped that many of audience will visit the 'Box over the coming months.

Banners Banned

Late news ; St Albans City and District Council Planning Department threatened the trustees of the St. Albans South Signal Box Charity with statutory fines for displaying a banner promoting the production of the Railway Children (a play by E. Nesbit) - happy Christmas one and all - to hear the 3 Counties Radio Interview and take a tour of the council's promotional Christmas banners click here: .

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