NEWS 2008

13/14 September 2008 - Heritage Open Days - 1080 visitors made it a really fantastic weekend. The sun shone and the tea and cakes flowed! Ex-signalmen turned up to help with the signalling demo and the model railway was in full steam. Many thanks to all visitors and volunteers for making it such a success.

Heritage Open Days          HOD's Upstairs

7 August 2008 - A signal gift arrives - We're going to have fun connecting it to the levers inside the box! Many thanks for this great addition to our signalling site. After a clean up we will have it on display in the garden.

The signal arrives

27July 2008 - Work continues inside and out - The paving around the stairs is complete and looking good. The locking on the lever frame has also been completed. 

Les hard at work    Phil and Peter finishing the locking

21 May 2008 - Work on the equipment is under way - The items for the block shelf are being cleaned, repaired and if needed rebuilt. The track diagram has been rebuilt and is being wired ready for installation.

Track diagram with 44 lights

16 March 2008 - Inside is looking good - The painting is nearly complete upstairs - you can see what it looked like before if you look at the beam.

Upstairs nearly finished

10 February 2008 - The Great Lamp post caper - We have moved the lamp post. Many thanks to all who helped especially to our friends from Network Rail who provided the transport.

Liberation       On the lorry - with safety vest

1 February 2008 - Practically complete! - All snagging has been completed and we are all very pleased with the finished result. The 'Grand Opening' is now being planned when we will open the box and invite all our supporters to celebrate and admire!


13 January 2008 - Still some painting to do - bad weather has put paid to our rapid progress recently, but the internal works are full steam ahead! Electrical works completed and painting well on the way (stairs to finish!).

inside cleanup       stairs to finish